Once the reservation is made through the web engine you will receive an email confirming
the validity of the same with all the corresponding information.
If you want to change the reservation date or the number of diners, your request will be answered
as long as it is carried out at least in advance of the agreed time, and if there are
places available. You can carry out the procedures by phone, by email or what's up.
Only once the reservation is reconfirmed by you from the Email, will you have your reservation
fully confirmed.
If you prefer, you can carry out the confirmation by calling the restaurant phone before
of the reservation date.
For group reservations of less than 9 diners, the cancellation will be free, for which
It does not apply in the Christmas and New Year period.
For group reservations of more than 10 people, the cancellation of the reservation will be free
before 24 hours of the reservation time, otherwise, 100 euros will be charged as a deposit
for a reservation between 10-20 diners and will charge 150 euros as a deposit for a
reserve more than 20 diners, for which it does not apply in the period of Christmas and Year
In the Christmas and New Year period, on December 24, 25, 26 and 31 and on January 1, the
Cancellation of reservation will be free before 7 days. We ask that you pay 25% of the
amount of menus reserved as a deposit.
The cancellation of the reservation can be made by phone, email or WhatsApp.
Your reservation will be successfully canceled after the flora restaurant has confirmed it.
Any questions you have about a reservation or cancellation, do not hesitate to contact us.
Whatsapp: +34688165999
Telephone number: 934598662